Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily Report: Monday. December 3, 3012

Since we school year round I have decided to make the school days between December 3 through December 21, 2012 our transitional days before having holiday break which starts December 24, 2012 and ends January 2, 2012. This schedule in December will consist of half days built in to keep the kids on schedule, but still allowing them to enjoy even more freedom during a busy time of year. Their school days until December 21 will be half days.

On Mondays in general they complete a chapter in their Life of Fred math books, a geography or history group lesson is done, an All About Spelling lesson is done with Ken and DJ together, and everyone participates in an art lesson too. Sounds like a lot?  Not really all of this stuff usually gets done in two hours no matter what order it is done in.

 Everyday we read allow individually from their chosen read alouds. 

                             Here is what it looks like.

 For Art they were introduced to our new Master Artist, Mary Cassat ( a woman screamed Michelle:) that they will be learning about and tried their hand at sketching hats.

 Ken and DJ learned about Christmas in Italy.
 They began Step 7 in All About Spelling which introduced spelling words containing/eks/and /egz/ spelled ex. 

Since we began school promptly at 7:30 in the morning it leaves them about two hours still to complete independent work activities. 

Michelle choose to begin sewing a pair of pants.                    

 Ken completed more research to add to her American Girl timeline.

      DJ did research on the Ball Python.                                                                      

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