Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily Report: An Early Christmas Gift

For chemistry today the kids reviewed that electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged. They used the balloons to rub on carpet so that it would cling on the wall or their hair.

This demonstration didn't work this time, but since they had done this before they got the idea.

 Ken and DJ both chose one of their favorite math works. Ken did the Checker board starting with just one multiplicand and then progressed to doing three digit multiplier problems. DJ was doing the Division Chart work solely to memorize the whole chart as he put it. I did have to assist both of them with different things. For DJ it was reminding him to use the equations that he needs!( because what are you memorizing??) LOL. Ken was having place value issues as it can happen with doing this type of work when you have learned it the abstract way before mastering concrete skills which can make  it difficult sometimes to do Montessori math with her due to her prior knowledge from public school. I don't know if I made any sense to anyone, but it is true:)
As soon as the work day ended for me we went and picked up Ken's early Christmas gifts from the Animal Shelter.

                                                                   Meet Lexie
Meet Luca.

They are nine and ten years old and are brothers and sisters. They were a packaged deal!!
Lucky for me they are house trained and raised around children. I fell in love with them the minute both of them sat in the car seats on the ride home:) And their house trained laying under a blanket watching television right now!!


  1. The abstract before concrete made perfect sense ;)

    What a cute new family addition! I am looking forward to moving so we can have animals too - my son is SO desperate for animals in our home!

  2. Lexie and Luca were raised around children....were they raised around snakes? LOL!

    1. I just got done choking while laughing!! Lexi and Luca are very smart they stay away from the snake:)

      Just wait to you find out what the preshoolers have been petting! And no it isn't a snake. LOL!

    2. I'm just afraid one of your next posts will be titled "We Bought a Zoo." :)


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