Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Learning Sight Words: Language Linky

Janessa is mastering sounds very well. One of the major problems that we are having is with her speech. There are times that I am able to hear the sounds that she is making very clearly, others not so good. We are tackling this problem one word family at a time. It is helping her to blend the words together and her confidence level is growing everyday. Janessa loves to read and I am very careful not to correct every mistake she is making. This is very important to not correct!!  In the meantime while we slowly work through blending, and word families we are also working on sight words using a cool reader. I have several of these readers and I have introduced her to one that has appealed to her and has becoming very encouraging for Janessa. Every time she reads a page, Janessa states " I just read that"! I just love it!!

I purchased these readers a while back from Barnes & Noble. They have always kept the attention of the child that I have worked with and they increase in levels. This book is level one with about twenty pages in each book. Each page introduces new sight words and builds on the previous ones learned.

Before beginning to read the book we discuss the title and make predictions about what this book might be about. We cover a number of print concepts as well.

 In this book it introduces the characters names on the first page. These names aren't had to remember by sight because the book is filled with colorful illustrations which pulls her into wanting to know the characters name. We do a picture walk through the book before we read this book page by page. There is a wonderful rhyme that helps her to become fluent as well.

  I use flashcards to teach the sight words that will be introduced in the pages we are going to be practicing, still using The Three period lesson to identify and recall the words. Once words are mastered we read the page.
What I specifically like most about these books is that the sight words are isolated on the top of the page as well and we can review the words once more before reading the page.

 I added dots under every word to help with tracking.

We read this book a few pages at a time mastering the sight words. The plot and illustrations keeps Janessa wanting to read more. Which keeps this girl motivated to learn those sight words so she can read to find out Who Took The Cake?

Another thing I would like to add is that we do discuss the punctuation marks as well it just naturally happened and she was ready and understands. I will  be adding more work on the shelves so she can deepen her knowledge of these mechanics.

We do not read the entire book in one sitting, it is a gradual progress that happens as Janessa learns the sight words using The Three Period lesson. It is fun, it is great work that has Janessa walking in the door asking me is it reading time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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  1. I so appreciate your hosting this linky. Don't get discouraged if you don't have a lot of people linking up. I had the same thing when I started my history and geography meme.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words Phyllis!! I really needed to hear this. I really do appreciate you linking up every week!!


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