Monday, December 17, 2012

Daily Report: Gingerbread Geometry

I found this free printable here and knew it was something that the kids would enjoy. I loved that it was a great review for some geometry concepts we haven't touched on for awhile.

 What you need to do this activity stressed free is the printable, creativity, some ingredients to make a Gingerbread house, and....
An older child who has mastered the geometry concepts to guide the kiddos along who may have forgotten these concepts taught so long ago. This way you get to just take pictures so you can have something to share on your blog:) Also you are able to just stay close enough to hear what actual learning is taking place and find out who knows what.

 Of course they enjoyed every bit of the process of making their houses. It was extra special because they had no idea that they were going to do this during school time.

 As instructed by their guide they measured the perimeter of the house with footprints that they cut out. The printable also suggested using footprints as measurements,but Michelle had them make the footprints, and then cut them out. I thought this was very creative!!
 They used cubes that came from the decimal fraction board to find the surface and the volume. I was unable to take the picture of the volume due to working with another child, and their hands were a bit sticky for touching the camera.

This was a perfect activity to involve all the children while doing a Christmas learning activity.                                                                                                                                              



  1. What a neat way to have fun plus practice Math! I am going to adapt it for my 6 year old!

  2. Oh YES! What a great resource! We have been studying measurements in math (perfect timing) and this week we are doing our Jan Brett activities with her gingerbread man book. I was looking for some fun gingerbread man/house learning and this is perfect! We already have the house made, so now we just need to review our measurement skills. Thanks for this link!!! Have a wonderful holiday season with your family!

  3. Fun! And another excuse to do some food activities ;)


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