Wednesday, December 12, 2012

-at Word Family Work

Welcome to the Write to Read, Read to Learn Language Linky!! I encourage all of you to link up your language post. I am trying desperately to compile a collection of Language related postings in hopes that you all will have a place to come to quickly to reference any ideas that will help you along your journey of reading and writing with the children in your lives. All levels of learning can be linked up even all of your past post.

Right now Janessa is in the beginning stages of reading. She enjoys language activities and has a great "I Can Do It" attitude. Since we started using the Institute of Excellence of Writing PAL Reading/Writing program things have been going rather smoothly. Along this path to reading we have had a few bumps along the way. Janessa has masters the first 26 consonant sounds and has even put a few digraphs under her belt, but blending to read the word has posed some difficulties.

 What we have been doing is a sight word program that I have kinda put together and to tackle that blending issue we are focusing on one word family at a time.

Janessa is a lover of workbooks, so I was excited to find this Kumon workbook that focused on one word family at a time. We are currently mastering the -at word family.

This page has her focusing on the rhyming aspect used to teach the word families. She has requested more pages like this since, but I have kept her busy in other areas so that we can cover this concept in more hands on ways.

 Using the Moveable alphabet to spell out the beginning sounds .
 Playing a dice game to match and sound out -at words. The work with the moveable alphabet and the dice game came from the Word Families Kit 1 by Teaching My 3. I purchased this kit because it followed the Kindergarten Level 1 Hooked on Phonics program that I have pulled many resources from. I used this program to teach all of my children how to read, and many others before discovering the Montessori Method. I have had much success with this Hooked on Phonics program .                                                                                            

I found this word sort in another -at family mini packet  for free that Janessa also enjoyed completing.

We have been practicing sounding at words using the lesson practice pages in the Hooked on Phonics book. Janessa is blending away the -at family words and becoming a fluent reader using the sight word method that I have created for her.

 There are easy readers in the HOP workbook that I used to create a book for her reading pleasure. Janessa went bananas after she read this book aloud to a preschooler.                                                                                                                                            
 I have plans to create these Word Family Drawers from over Christmas break to foster more independence for Janessa in her reading journey.        

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  1. We have been making Word Family Flowers in our WriteShop rhyming unit. The kids want to do new ones every day.

  2. What Write Shop level are you using? It sounds like a lot of fun!!


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