Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I had planned for us to end school today, but it looks like it was yesterday!  They have been very busy elves this last week and I think they have put in enough work to call it quits:)

Yesterday they did a fun activity before they went hunting for The Gingerbread Man. I get free worksheets via email from

This research activity was one of the them.

 The first thing they had to do was gather eight of their most favorite toys.

Next they recorded the names of the toys and looked for what country made them. Ken choice of toys really made this bookworm's heart smile.        

 The last thing they did was draw conclusions from their findings. They answered questions like What country made the most of the toys you chose?  Do you think any of the toys made in other countries could also be made in your country?

Overall it was a fun research activity and sneaked in some geography.



  1. How fun! And my kids love that Hot Wheels Shark race track thing too. :)

  2. I love that she chose books - a gal after my own heart!

    1. This is definitely the effects of homeschooling, while in public school Ken read only when she had to.

  3. What a clever idea. We did this sort of thing once with food products, but doing it with toys during the pre-Christmas week is a brilliant idea.


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