Thursday, December 13, 2012

So What Did I Do With The Kid's Office Space

I really want the kids I care for to have a variety of materials to work with  and I want them to not feel like they are in school all day. There are children that are in my care from morning to evening, so I decided to recreate a playroom for them.

 Right now I have just introduced the train table to them and some blocks. It is still important to me to instill the Montessori philosophy even when none of the materials are in use. By introducing one toy at a time they still know how to respect the materials and the "rules" to follow in order to play with them.

  1. No sitting on the train table
  2. Please don't put the toys in your mouth
  3. Please put toys that have been in your mouth in the dirty toy bin
  4. Wash the toys in the dirty toy bin
  5. Clean up work area when you are done playing
It sounds like a lot of rules, but really it isn't for these kids. They have been shown the steps that it takes to be able to follow the rules. They want as many trains, etc to be in play so they will not want to put the toys in their mouths.

It has been a lot of fun watching them use this open ended train table. Maps and travel times have been discussed, and different layouts of bridges have been created.

Next up the dress up and housekeeping area.

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  1. I really hope the families you work with appreciate what an amazing thing they have! You are so incredibly thoughtful in the way you prepare and adjust the environment to meet their needs. A playroom is a wonderful idea in your situation!

  2. You are really precious. The things you do. Wow!


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