Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daily Report: The Usual And Some Underwear:)

It is getting cold outside! The kids decided to stay inside the whole day and they really stayed busy despite our half day school schedule.

Ken continues to work with the Golden Bead Material discovering divisibility rules.
      Finding the divisibility rule of five.

 DJ brushed up on some of his multiplication facts that he realized he needed to know after working with the Large Bead Frame.

 After I presented them the sentence analysis work for the adverbial where/when they both chose to do the work when I put it on the shelf.

                                       Diagramming the cell of an onion.

 The change of environment has been just what the doctor ordered for Janessa. She really loved our vertebrate lesson today. In the picture above DJ is reinforcing the word mammal instead of kangaroo with her.
They joined in on a lesson on vertebrates with the preschoolers and made these little booklets from The Helpful Garden. Discovery Montessori also has free downloads of the Zoology Nomenclature that I am preparing for the preschoolers and I also will make into definition sets for Ken and DJ, this set is really beautiful.

              DJ is so excited to have another boy in the houses that he shared his underwear with Luca today!!                                                        

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  1. LOVE the underwear on the dog! Hilarious :)

    The vertabrate booklets look fun too.


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