Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Preparing The Environment

We had a lot of fun this week!! Ken got two new dogs, DJ watched his new snake eat a mouse that was still alive!! Michelle is waking up bright and early exercising before she leaves for the Academy in the mornings.

In school Ken discovered more divisibility rules on her own. DJ is multiplying up a storm. and Michelle is so pleased with how well Teaching Textbook has prepared her to be promoted in Algebra 1 at the Academy. Having half days was a good call considering how much was added to our daily lives.

I have tons of photos to share of what I have been up to. It has been my personal goal every since the kids started being homeschooled to have all of children that I guide together sharing a space. I tried sharing my living space as a school room. but that didn't work!! Too many unforeseen things happened that I wasn't ready to really give up my life! I know it wasn't actually giving up my life:) But that is what I felt like after adding many rules to keep my privacy intact. Then the kids wanted their own office space and it worked, still I was very busy running in and out of rooms to keep the lessons flowing. Now the preschoolers and my kids are at a place where they can respect each others work space and materials, I am so happy about this.

It is not easy to accomodate Montessori materials in the space that I have. I will be rotating materials as soon as they are mastered to be able to bring out new work. It is something that I look forward to doing and all the kids are happy about these changes to our environment. It was not an easy task to figure out where everything would go!!

In the hallway I have our Sensorial materials and Physical Science activities.
  This is the main area in the basement which I have decided to house Mathematics, Practical Life and Art.

The math work resides on the right hand side of the wall and on the back wall.
 This is just an overview of how the new learning area is set up, so please don't pay too much attention to what work you actually see on the shelves it may stay or it may go. I'll be sure to share with you the process that I am going through to create an prepared environment for the children.

                                                The Art and Practical Life shelves
 This space is connected to the Mathematics area as well, just turn right.

                                                                 Language shelves.
Zoology, Botany, and History shelves. The books on top will not be staying. This weekend I will be turning what was Michelle's office space into a library. I think that the library with be a nice treasured quiet spot for all.

                                                        Geography shelves.    

 The only thing that was brought new was this table I got at a second hand store for $30.00. Now that I have the shelves where they will be I can add detail to this place. Like chair cushions, plants, light plates, new works, etc. I will be documenting every step of the way. Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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  1. It must be so nice for everyone to be in the same room! I have wondered what the big picture looked like in a home that's well equipped to meet the needs of such varied ages. You have really made the space work for you!

  2. I can appreciate how hard you've worked to make this happen! That is SOOO much work! Good for you! I hope you all enjoy it. Looks great.

  3. I would LOVE to have a separate homeschool area... and all that storage! Wow! We don't have a garage, basement or loft area so we squeeze all our learning materials into our dining room. Your space looks so fantastic! Well done you for having it so well organised - I speak as an organisationally challenged homeschool mum!!

  4. Thank you for the tour of your school areas. It was fun to see. I don't think I could take the snake's eating habits. I think it is cool that Ken discovers her own divisibility rules. Michelle sounds so responsible.

  5. I love seeing how other families set up their space - thanks for sharing. Sweet deal on the table!

  6. Great job - you made great use of the space. What is the Academy Michelle attends...meaning, what is it? A co-op?

    1. It is a new program they have in the area for highschoolers. It is a four day a week program that she attends in the mornings only. Her core classes are completed there as well as electives. Most of her work is completed online. So far it has been a perfect fit for us. It is a college preparatory academy, and it is free!! The class sizes are ten students to one certified teacher:)

  7. Thanks for sharing your space. Looks awesome.

  8. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful feedback you given me. You guys are the best!!


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