Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cutting Corners: Hanging The Bead Cabinet Materials

It would of cost me a Whopping $500.00 to purchase the Bead Cabinet complete with all the materials including the cost of shipping, not an affordable option at all for this single income family. I could clearly see how they would benefit from the beads. There were also other materials that I thought would help them along in their journey so I had to choose very wisely. Most of the materials that I newly purchased are the ones that I think they will be interested in. Since I follow the child the only scope and sequence I took into consideration was their individual needs and what I thought would encourage self motivation taking them to higher levels of thinking. I think by following them they will be able to gain all of the potential learning experiences that they could get out of the material. In the end I would like for them to achieve mastery of the material and ultimately feel like the wonderful mathematicians that they are.

Their office spaces have changed a lot since the beginning of summer session. We have arranged and rearranged and we are almost in consensus that everything will stay where it is. There is one material that will have to stay put the Bead Material. Enter Command Strips.

 I spent ten bucks on commands strips that I used to hang the Long and Short Bead Chains
 I still need one more pack so that each short chain has its' own hook.

This isn't an ideal set up, but it is what works for this  home school environment. The wall is not made of dry wall so it would be very difficult to have a wall shelf as a base for the chains. It actually looks quite inviting when you walk into this room.

 I am happy to use Command Strips when it saves me $300.00 and the hooks fit  perfectly.



  1. That is an awesome solution! The bead cabinet is beautiful, and worth the investment if you have a whole classroom full of children and will for years to come, but it's hard to justify both the cost and the material consumption of some things otherwise. I'm excited to see photos of those chains in action in the coming year :)

  2. What a neat idea! Awesome job. I am drooling here over the bead materials!


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