Monday, August 20, 2012

Projects 101

I have nominated this week Introduction to Projects 101. Today the kids started their projects. This week I will introduce them to documenting their steps in their process, getting familiar with their planners, goal setting, and anything else that comes their way as they work on their projects. It was so much fun after observing for awhile I got started on my own list of projects:)

 Ken is still into fashion designing so I just purchased her a kit made by Crayola that came with everything she needed to design clothes for Barbies. The kit even included fabric paper that you can create designs on using the computer and then print.  Ken also plans to create magazines that illustrate her designs.
                                             Reading the directions in the sketchbook.                                                                            
 Designing. In the past Ken has been a bit intimidated by patterns, not today. I think it had a lot to do with taking time to read the directions, and the patterns being a whole lot smaller than usual.    
This is a dress that she started to sew today.

Michelle has already jumped ship from collaborating with DJ with the Mindstorms, now it is creating Ball Jointed Dolls. I was prepared for this. To me it is just part of the deschooling process. Still not comfortable with being able to have a block of time dedicated to what her heart desires. It is something that may take a while to get use to.

 Once she decided that she really wanted to create Ball Jointed Dolls she got busy.

DJ was thrilled today to be able to do some computer programming.

Reading the User's Guide. I had to slow him down while doing so, because he was so anxious to get on the computer.


  1. Is that lego robotics?? My son LOVES that program!! Sometimes it's so hard to let them do what their heart desires but I feel it is necessary and also something that makes Montessori unique. :) Good for you momma!

  2. Thank you! It is the Robotics Invention System the one before the NXT. The NXT cost about $300.00 I figure we should start with this, before going bonkers. He loves it!!

  3. That is a great way to document projects!


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