Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Am So Excited!!

First up I finally made the decision to connect to other homeschoolers in our area. I truly wanted to do this not just for a support network, which is a bonus in itself . I wanted to connect with other homeschoolers for Michelle so that she can get to know other teen homeschoolers, and possibly make friends that share her interest. I prayed and then I searched not for long. Guess what? I know the director and I him really well.  We brought our house from him through renting to own. Yes my former landlord is the director. I had totally forgot when I was searching that his family was a home schooling family. Their kids are grown now and even two have graduated from college. One of their children is a business owner. Good news! So inspirational.
The kids are excited about getting involved in sports, well mainly DJ.  DJ already made the decision that Soccer will be his game in the Fall. They are already picking out their outfits to go to the Back To School picnic in September.

Did you know that home schooling can become contagious? Well it is around here. This Fall we will be having my niece join us who is entering fourth grade, a kindergartner who is actually a previous preschooler that I worked with before. On Monday I find out if the preschoolers' second grade sister will be schooling with us too. Their mom will be working as my full time assistant in the Fall. Their mom is amazing and a mother of five!! The more the merrier right, especially when all the parents work together and share the same goals.

The planning is in full effect, but so much fun!! Most importantly I feel like the best mother in the world that my children are willing to spare their space and their mother's time.


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  2. Well, that will be really fun! Our children will grow up into an adult world in which it won't be as uncommon to have homeschooled.


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