Friday, August 10, 2012

Vocab Videos: A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Vocab videos is geared toward highschoolers who are going to take the SAT exam. Vocab Videos was created to help the student succeed with the Vocabulary portion of the exam. On Vocab Videos website it states that vocabulary on the SAT  is worth up to150 points, when you put it that way you can clearly see why it is important to study some Vocabulary.

Vocab Videos has put the F back in the word FUN while learning. I have always understood the importance of using a variety of words with my children. I love it when I use a new interesting word while talking to my children in everyday conversations  just so they have to ask me  "What does______ Mean?" It does two things; First it builds their vocabulary,  and secondly I know they are paying attention to me. Vocab Videos is very similar to how I introduce new vocabulary to my children. They have taken 500 words that frequently appear on the SAT and made videos of young adults interacting using these words. These videos have Michelle laughing, and understanding how to use the words in no time. It was a joy to see that not all test prep companies are into the "drill to kill" mode. In fact she really forgot her purpose was to learn new words for the vocabulary portion of the SAT.

 For the parents who like pencil to paper work they have review test available to download and print, you can make your own digital flashcards, grade your child,  and print off a list of all the vocabulary and definitions. They also have a workbook that goes along with the videos. The cost of the workbook is $11.99

For review purposes I went in and did some grading so I can tell you all about it. Ready? Easy Peasy. I just went to My Dashboard downloaded a cutesy picture of my kiddos, added their names, assigned them passwords and the grading system did it's thing. The noise of Michelles' laughter was disturbing her little brother and sister so they had to get in on the action too. They have a secret language code now that only if you watch Vocab Videos you would understand. Again we must stay focus here, they have improved their SAT scores up to 150 points by watching videos that clearly keep their interest. DJ is eight and Ken is 11 and they are already happy to be preparing for the SAT vocabulary portion. To me that says a lot about presentation and thoroughness. In every video the vocabulary word is stated, defined, and can be read on the screen.


The cost of this program starts at $24.99

Who I would recommend this to

1.high school students preparing to take the SAT exam
2. after school highschoolers ( just perfect, before other unrelated school computer screen time)
3. Anyone who would like to improve their vocabulary.
4. high school language arts classroom
5. after school enrichment program

To see a Sample go here. You can also register for a one month free trial!!

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As a member of the Schoolhouse Review CrewI was given a full years' subscription to Vocab Video in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.                                                          


  1. We enjoyed it too! Definitely a keeper.

  2. Shhh! Don't tell the kids but I use it too. Thank you for stopping by.


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