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This Week In History: A Schoolhouse Crew Review


I just purchased a lot of new tools for our home school, ranging from books to chemistry tools. I have browsed a lot of websites, and downloaded a lot of sample lessons. After taking into considerations my children's needs there was one deciding factor that made me choose which one to purchase. I looked for passion that I could feel coming from the authors, creators, and publishers of the product. To me passion is contagious, it is inspirational. Rachel Demille the founder and creator of This Week In History allows her passion to be embraced. Mrs. Demilles' passion for her work gets me all giddy and makes me want to see why she is so passionate about her work.

This Week In History is a subscription based learning tool that you can receive via email or through the dedicated blog It is jam packed with activities that are based on history. Each week you receive a lot of activities that are based on History according to the day of the week. I love the tidbits of factual information that I receive and it is a joy to open up my email and find the weekly bundle of resources just a click away. Did you know that on August 1, 1997 The United Nations named Winnie-The Pooh the World's Ambassador of  Friendship? I know I didn't and my children didn't either. Don't be fooled it is a lot more to it then just random facts. It incorporates plenty of hands on activities that allow the children to make a connection to how history is so important to the present day.

It is Summer school session in our home and that means the kids have been doing a lot of activities outside. DJ has been tending to the garden and has been really mesmerized by the growth of the seeds. This is his first time actually caring for a tomato plant and watching it grow through its' stages has him in awe.

Watching a YouTube Video about George Washington Carver suggested  in Week January 4- January 10 in 1864 in This Week in History 
 The questions keep coming. One of his questions were how did people find out that seeds can grow? Very abstract question!  I decided the course I should take with him that would allow him to make his own discoveries was to introduce him to a Botanist. While browsing through the archives I found amazing resources. What tickled me was there was a resource on a Botanist, George Washington Carver. Score!  It was easy for me to introduce this in a way that was not time exhausting, just right for our flexible summer schedule.

DJ watched a short clip about the life of  George Washington Carver, read a summary, and completed a crossword puzzle. What he learned was that he too could be a Botanist like George Washington Carver, especially since he didn't have so many obstacles against him like Carver.

                                                         A Self  Proclaimed Botanist at work. 

 After completing this mini lesson DJ has grown so much in his knowledge of Botany. This lesson gave him self confidence while working in the garden. Now he calls himself a Botanist too.

This is just one of  the many ways that we used the subscription to This Week in History. I am positive that we will gain lots of fun learning experiences using this resource. Again it is more than just history facts and allows connections to be made in all subject areas.

                                                                Reaping rewards!!
I would like to thank the Demille Family for sharing your passion with us!! I am confident that our family will be using This Week In History for years to come.

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The cost of a subscription to This Week in History is $9.99/month.

Who would I recommend this to

1.  home schooling families who would love to inspire their children to become passionate about any subject area through history.
2. after schooling families who love to connect history to everyday subjects in an effortless manner.
3. public or private school teachers who would love to motivate their students with history lessons that encourages a curiosity in all subjects.

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Disclaimer: I was given a full years' subscription to This Week in History as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for a honest review. All of the opinions expressed are entirely my own.     


  1. You are spot on about the passion! I have a love of history myself, so I was just delighted with this subscription - and more importantly, it got my whole family interested!

  2. This is a pleasant surprise! My very first comment on a review. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Have a great day!!


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