Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 2 Our Tools: Box Day !!

It is a happy day in our house!! I have been saving for a year now to make some Montessori materials purchases. The day has come and I am pleased with the purchase. I ordered from Kid Advance as I have always done. I like ordering from them because the materials are great at a cheap cost, and the delivery is fast. I always feel like I am getting an item for free with the 20% discount you receive after spending $200.00.

This is what I purchased .

The Checkerboard

                                                               Decimal Fraction Board

                                                                   Geometric Stick Material

                                                                Power of 2 Cube

                                                      Division Working Charts

                                                             Grammar Symbols

                                                Sentence Analysis Set 1&2

I ordered the Complete Bead Material from Alison's Montessori as well. I can't wait to see and touch it!! The other traditional Montessori material that I decided to get was the Timeline set from Montessori Services. it is on back order so I don't know how long I can wait before I decide to purchase it somewhere else. I am still cutting and laminating card materials from my favorite instant download mostly elementary Montessori store, I'll share more about that too.

Now I am off to master some presentations with these awesome materials. It is so true for me that I can't  understand any presentations until the material is in front of me. Is this true for you too? Please share and leave a comment:)


  1. We are so excited!! I had to hide them. I am not ready yet!! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. beautiful materials!! I'm jealous!! How about some tutorials?

    1. I am finding out that my most favorite material may be the Checkerboard. I may be able to give a tutorial on that. So much fun!! Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Ugh. I ordered the basic and advanced timeline sets from M.S. and just find out mine are backordered as well. Did you call and get an ETA or anything like that?

  4. I realized they were out of stock before I ordered them. I decided to purchase through Alisons' Montessori instead. On a upbeat note I visited their site today and it appears that they are now in stock. Looks like you shouldn't have to wait too long:)


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