Monday, August 13, 2012

Learning About Diversity In The Real World

While Ken was Saturday schooling working as an apprentice in a salon she learned about.......

                                            giving pedicures.
                                           different hair products.
                                                           practiced on a mannequin
                                                     assisted with curling an extension.

observation time.

The lady in the picture is so excited! This day was her wedding day. The lady is also blind. It was Ken's first interaction working one on one with someone who could not see. This weekend Ken was working really hard  to recreate a price list for the services the salon offers in braille,so that those who are blind can read the prices without having to ask. I love her idea and what a great way to apply her prior interest in learning braille to help others become more independent. Also she did a great job taking all of the pictures.


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