Monday, August 6, 2012

Part 1 Our Tools: Math, Grammar, And Writers Workshop

Not Back to School Blog Hop:

I thought I share some books that we will be using to prepare card materials for Math, Grammar, and our Writing Workshop that we will be implementing this year. It has been crazy fun planning with them for the Fall semester. I want to share EVERYTHING but my thoughts just aren't organized enough right now. We have a plan!!  Honestly, I think I will just write a series of post about all the tools we will be using and how they will be used. I think you would be able to get a better understanding of how we operate if I share this way.

 We will start the Fall semester with the read alouds pictured above. The Snake books are for DJ. Ken and I will enjoy plenty of Tea Parties while reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Michelle and I will delve into some classics starting with FAHRENHEIT 451.

Using the exercises in Shiller Math Ken and DJ will become more confident about their math skills. It is not like math presentations in the traditional Montessori Albums. All of them are aimed at a child in a home school setting. It contains lessons that they desperately need. Above all it stills allows them to use the Montessori math materials, understand the language associated with math, and incorporate their love of songs.  A lot of the exercises involve verbal responses, and for the worksheet type materials I plan to use them creatively as card materials. This math program really makes me feel that we can still successfully incorporate the Montessori Method in our home. 
 Michelle will be using Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1.

 I was very delighted to discover Write Shop. DJ will be using Write Shop Junior D. Ken will be using Write Shop I using a three year track. The ideas are just awesome and the kiddos are excited about publishing their work as they observe me setting up their new writing center. The First Language Lessons was purchased to use for me to create card materials. I absolutely love how the lessons are given.  It is just a fantastic resource for us to have. The poems are awesome, and we definitely need more poetry in our lives.

I am happy to be joining in the Fourth Annual Not Back To School Blog Hop!!                                                                      



  1. Looks like a great year. We've enjoyed Write Shop D and we LOVE First Language Lessons.

    1. It is good to hear that your family enjoyed Write Shop, I am so looking forward to see their writing come to life. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Good stuff. My Bear read The Snake Charmer - good book. Love Teaching Textbooks! Have a great year!!

  3. DJ Loves looking at pictures of Bear's two snakes. Every time I visit your blog he is asking about the snakes. I'll be sure to share with him that another snake lover enjoyed the book as well. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Happy School Year to you guys as well.

  4. Looks like you have some excellent resources. I have heard many good things about Write Shop.

  5. Oh I am so excited about Write Shop! Ihope the kids share my excitement. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  6. Looks like a great lineup for success! Thanks for sharing!

    Reading from

  7. glad to see another Shiller Math user :)
    Hope your have a great homeschool year!


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