Friday, August 17, 2012

For The Lego Lovers

Thanks to Ebay and an awesome seller we were blessed with the Lego Robotic Invention Mindstorm kit along with many other extension kits. It was like a birthday party for DJ and Michelle who will be collaborating on projects that will teach them computer programming, Lego designing and much more.

They have plenty of materials to keep their projects going all year!! Pray for me to keep my mouth closed and hands off. It can be very difficult for me to do this. I must remind myself that this is their project not mine. I know by me staying away it will actually be of more help to them . As a wise woman so eloquently put it "Never help a child at a task that he feels he can succeed"- Dr. Marie Montessori

This month Lego celebrates their 80th anniversary. They have created the video below to share their history. So grab your babies(whether big or small) put them on your laps and enjoy!!


  1. What a great find!!!!! Soo exciting Xander would love a kit. He is asking for something from Robotics for Christmas:)) Thanks for sharing the video:))


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