Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Boards & Planners

One thing is for sure my children gravitate towards projects. This makes them Project Based Learners. In effort to guide them along I have added project boards to their offices. Our first couple of  weeks back when we start our Fall session willl be dedicated to showing them how to document their progress, take notes,etc.  I have included an option during their three hour non interrupted work period can be used for projects if they like. I am also realizing that they actually work longer then three hours at a time, it is the not interrupted part of it that makes a huge difference.

                                                                  Ken's board
                                                                     DJ's board

                                                                Michelles' board.

They choose the tiles over the board because they would like to add on and make it bigger as they go. By the way have you seen the Dry Erase tile in the stores? The kids would like to add them to their boards, in fact Michelle has one already picked out.

While browsing through Target I found student planners. They were perfect for them and it meant no printing for me. As their school year progressed they strayed away from the fill in Work Plans, and was doing their work in a normalized manner.  I thought the planners were a perfect next step and a nice place to document their day.
 I love the tabs and how there is a calendar at a a glance for each month.

 Daily calendar pages with enough space to write down documentation of their projects and their Montessori work.
 A place to write notes.

Also a place to record websites addresses and resources found to include in their research work.

In my next postings I plan to share how the kids' offices are set up and exactly what they have chosen as projects. In " Our Day In The Life" post I will be able to share more on how the Montessori Method and Project Based Learning are complimentary of each other.                                                                              

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