Friday, December 2, 2011

Count Down To Christmas: Day 1

This is our first time ever that we have done a formal count down to Christmas!! The kids and I are excited to begin this new tradition. I have made everything super duper simple, so I won't become a Christmas Count down Dropout:) We are using Truth In The Tinsel as our guide to learning the true meaning of Christmas. We won't be unwrapping books everyday, or even gifts. One thing we will be opening up everyday is a countdown envelope that has a scripture in it that has us opening up our Bible everyday.

Here is the Bible that we will be using.

Michelle had the honor of opening our first envelope. This is part of the countdown chain that came with Truth in the Tinsel. I have modified this a great bit making it work more for my family. Inside is the scripture that was suggested in the guide. We are using all of the scriptures.

 We talked about the verse and what it meant to us and then we went on to our activity candle making. The guide did come along with templates for making ornaments, but I have decided that we will probably do a few and the rest of the activities we do for count down will be based on the best way I think my children will understand the scripture. Again we may not do anything, but read the scripture and discuss it.

This was a new activity that we never did before. The kids suggested that we should make candles for everyone for Christmas. I think they may be ready for the fancier way, like with beeswax. I loved their idea and I think that is what we are going to do. Who dosen't enjoy handmade candles?

 Magic appeared instantly when the candles were light. It is true for us that we didn't need any talking of Santa, or gifts to bring the Christmas spirit into our house. One by one led by Ken they begin to sing "This Little Little Of Mine". It was beautiful!!

When they sung their song, then again one by one they blew their candle out.


The envelope with the scripture in it was placed under the tree, DJ declared it the first gift of Christmas!!                                                         

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  1. Ahh, I love how you made it work for your family!!!!!


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