Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Observing Animals

Over the last month I have been looking for resources for my kids that are avaliable for free or affordable. Guess what? Our zoo is free from Dec 23 until March 31!!  So I asked the kids if they would like to do some research work at the zoo. Of course they were so thrilled. I got them some sketch books and some pencils. Our first outing was so much fun!

Here are some photos of some animals that were almost selected for research...

                                                         The  Artic Fox                        
                                                            The Bald Eagle
                                                      The Kookaburra
 The selection process was a difficult one for them to make, but they finally decided on an animal that they will research more on, and observe at least once a week.

Michelle selected the Amur Tiger

 DJ selected a family of Mandrills

 Ken chose the Golden Lion Tamarins
 Today was also the first time my children sketched while observing, and I think they did an awesome job.
                             Michelles' sketch

 Ken sketch. I thought it was awesome that she gave this sketch a title. The way she sketched them, the Tamarins' back was to her.
                                 DJs' sketch                                         
 The whole experience was a good one. I hope that this new adventure in our schooling continues to bring excitement.

Our list of items to bring with us next time, is something to snack on, and a thermos of hot choclate. A added bonus of going to the zoo in the winter is you get the whole place to yourself. As DJ put it "scientist really need quiet places sometimes."


  1. What a great idea. The kids did well with their sketches. And your zoo is free?! Fantastic! I loved the doll making post below as well. My daughter really wants to learn to sew. We're making a small quilt together now and she wants to make a dress for her new doll. They learn such good skills by following their passions, don't they?! ~Liesl

  2. Yes,they do learn the best of skills when their following their passions! Thank you Liesl for sharing with us, I follow your blog and I'll be sure to look for the post of the quilt you guys are making, and my daughter will be happy to be able to look at the pictures of the doll dress. So much fun!!


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