Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Lesson Plans For The Week: Montessori Monday

We are learning about different December Celebrations. This week we will be focusing on Hannukah. They will be learning some history about Hanukkah, making a Dreidel and learning how to play the game, making Potatoe Latkes, making a paper Menorah, and doing a 3D Gel Cling craft (purchased at Target) that has symbols related to the Hanukkah celebration.

 Here are the books we will be reading related to Hannukah.
 Works that we will be doing going along with our reading THE LION,THE WITCH,AND THE WARDROBE are; learning about Lions in Myths and Legends, create a vocabulary cube with new words, understanding villians in stories, making our paragraphs better by using a rubric, and reviewing possesive nouns.
 While learning about Magellan in our exploration unit we will create an image of a globe using a balloon, paste on the continents,label the oceans, locate the equator, and if possible create lines of longitude, and Latitude. We will also play a game Journey Around The World to learn facts and scenarios about explorations that the Explorers went on that we have studied, The game pieces are pictures of the Explorers.

 At last I have found a Montessori Elementary Album that is free, uses language I can understand, and I am able to  implement with the materials I have access to right now. It is found on the blog Cultivating Dharma. I found this work there as well. The kids will sort the symbols, definitions, and examples of the parts of speech.

The kids interest are now gearing towards Geometry so I purchased this work from Montessori Print Shop.

 Ken is wanting to learn about square roots, before going straight to this I am following the Math album in regards to what Ken needs to work on before going in depth with square roots. This peg board she will first use to find multiples.
 Also I will be presenting to her the Commutative Property of Multiplication using the materials below. What also goes with this work are the bead bars not pictured.

 We don't have the Montessori  Bead Squares, but I was able to find some squared paper at Montessori Materials and just colored them in. I think she is going to love finding the square roots using these. I also printed off some copies of the paper so her and DJ both can make their own Decanomial Square.

 I was able to just print and laminate these Constructive Triangles that DJ will use for Equivalence work. I found these ones for free at Livable Learning - Hands On Educational Materials. I will be finishing this and other unfinished work Monday night.
Also I found this work for free the Geometric Sticks at Homeschool Escapade. There is a really nice post with her children using the material. I think Ken and DJ will learn a lot from this material and have fun at the same time.
So this is what we will be up to. I am curious to know  Are you having lessons this week? I know it is busy this time of year trying to prepare for the holidays. We probably will take a couple of days off, we decided to keep the same rhythm on the days the preschoolers will be with us. I would love to hear about your week and what you will be up to, let me know by leaving a comment.

To see other activities and children doing work inspired by the Montessori Method please visit One Hook Wonder and Living Montessori Now for Montessori Monday.                                                               


  1. I love your blog, I always get some great ideas from you!

  2. We Can Do All Things- Thank you for stopping by, I also learn a lot from your blog, especially all the fun art work you two do.
    Discovering Montessori

  3. I always love reading your posts ... you're such an inspiration for parents wanting to do elementary-level Montessori at home! Thanks for sharing your Hanukkah activities, too. I pinned your post to my Kids' Non-Christian Religious Holiday Activities Pinterest board at


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