Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Little More Christmas Inspired Works:Montessori Monday

I am really enjoying finding a variety of learning materials for my two homeschooling kiddos. The cost is low and that helps out a lot. I would like to add that they don't always do all of the work the same week, most of the work that I put on the shelves at the begining of the month stays in play until the end of the month. If it is something that was repeated it stays until I see that it hasn't been touched in awhile. Last weeks' work is still on the shelf and they are enjoying the choices they have to work with.

We are starting a new book.  Looking forward to doing an brief author study to jumpstart this novel, I am really excited about reading this with them. Why three books you asked? We take turns reading, and we are really practicing on how not to lose focus, or our place while someone else is reading.

Similes, Metaphors, and Idiom sorting. I found this work at Teachers Notebook you can find it in Teaching In Flip Flops shop. The kids know them one day and then the next day they forget the difference between the three. I was happy when I found this.

This work also came in the packet, they use certain letters to create new words. I hope this will get them to slow down and use the moveable alphabet a little more while practicing spelling. There are about 5 pages with different letter combinations.

 Christmas Sentence Joiners was a must for our shelves. The parts of a sentence is starting to become sketchy for them, especially since they have been writing super sentences (longer). This work can be found on the Teacher Notebook site in the Clever Classroom shop.

For math I found this really cool activity by Evan Moor. It is called Bubble Magic where the child follows the directions to make 2 dimensional shape bubbles.

A freebie I found on teachers pay teachers that also looked to be right up my chidrens' alley was using marshmallows or gumdrops to understand perimeter/area of a Gingerbread Man.

A multiplication work that came with the same packet from Teaching In Flip Flops. They will pick a green number and a red number and multiply it, once they have found the answer they place a penny on the board to cover the answer.

In following their interest in sewing I put a block of a quilt out that they may sew. I liked the shapes and always love involving practical life skills whenever possible. I found this and many others at Jo Anns for just fifty cents a piece.

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  1. I love the quilt block- I have at least one who would really enjoy that activity!

  2. I always love seeing your activities! You're truly an inspiration for parents wanting to use Montessori at home during the elementary years! I added your post to my Montessori-Inspired Christmas Activities post at

  3. Heidi- Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you like the quilt, both kids have enjoted doing this work.

    Deb- Thank you so much for the kind words! Your comments are always so sweet:) Thank you also for the feature!


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