Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daily Report: Halloween?

In our December Celebrations the two students begin wrapping their paper mache projects that they did for Los Posados. They are excited that their creations will be used for pinatas on Friday. They also colored a mini poster.


While reading THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE  Ken was excited that Edmund begin to think about someone else, and DJ was thrilled about the seasons changing in Narnia.

No Life of Fred today, I am giving the kids half days off this week and they were all cleaning up the house, in preparations for a relaxful Christmas day.

Here are some pictures of them during their work period.

           Parts of the bean cards and puzzle
      Polygons three part cards
  Studying Kenya Top Secret activities.
        Advanced Landform cards.
                       Human body puzzle
 When they were finished doing their chores DJ spent some time in the classroom building this game.             

Our generous neighbor brought some new to us toys over for them to pick and choose from, and also so many classical books for the preschoolers. Our neighborhood is pretty cool about sharing before dropping off to the donation areas. In fact when ever I declutter I can simply put it in my driveway on a nice day and everybody knows it is up for grabs. Like the saying goes "one persons trash is anothers' treasure". They were goofing off and was trying on some of the costumes. All of a sudden they were talking about Halloween next year. Kids will be kids.


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