Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We started reading another book today to go with our Exploration unit. It is a cool book too, it breaks down the facts about some of the explorers we will be studying in a light entertaining way. After reading it they completed some information about the explorers that were mentioned onto their Explorer Cards.

 We read this book to go along with our December Celebrations theme. The story is about Jesus being born in a manager through the eyes of two children, who are watching the details around them and trying to figure out what is going on in the stable. Afterwords they did a creative writing assignment asking them to write about how they would feel being alone in a stable at night.

During their Montessori Work Period DJ spent a lot of time working with the Factor It multiplication work.

Ken sorted idioms, metaphors, and similes. Ken also did Christmas sentence joiners.

 They both decided to work on making Quilt blocks but didn't get a chance to finish it because it was time to end the work period:(                                                                                                                               
DJ completed chapter 2 in the Life of Fred Farming book. DJ learned a new vocabulary word commutative property. I am now a big fan of this book, I didn't know he didn't know this. This book really teaches a lot, my kids really enjoy reading while doing math. Ken completed chapter 3 in the Goldfish book and was really impressed that she was also learning about alliteration. In the end it all came down to DJ needed to see the commutative property in action. Then he realized that he had been doing it all along, but didn't know what it was called.

Since today is Wednesday, also known as Swimming/Gym day around here the school day was cut short and I know their highlight of the day was spending a couple hours of leisure time at the YMCA.                                                                    

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