Saturday, December 17, 2011

Moments To Remember

Just last summer when we were outside playing kiddie golf. Ken was passed a pencil by her dad to record her score, boy did she frown when she realized a pencil was involved. Learning was a chore for Ken it was not something she was into doing unless she was made to do it. Fast forward to now, after a couple of months of homeschooling, Ken is back to having fun learning new concepts and is even enjoying doing math. Ken just recently has become to question what she reads, researches the findings out, writes daily on her own in her journal, and even discusses her lessons with anybody who has the time to listen to her go on and on about her latest new finds. This girl actually becomes a little upset at the end of the work period, and always says she needs more time!

I captured a picture of Ken while she was doing math work in the elementary series of Life of Fred. I caught her more than once smiling with excitement as she was reading along. Ken has some moral issues with this book, but it is motivating her to become a critical thinker. This is definetly a moment to remember!!

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  1. Visiting from MTR. As a mother of a reluctant learner I can feel your pleasure from seeing the turnaround in your daughter, delightful :-)

  2. So wonderful to hear that her desire to learn has returned! Stopping by from Moments to Remember!


  3. So wonderful that your daughter has such enthusiasm for learning!

    Is this your first year homeschooling your two youngest children?

    Stopped by from MTR.

  4. Thank you ladies for leaving comments that are so encouraging!!

    Jenny- This is the first year that I officially homeschooled DJ in the elementary years. Ken was homeschooled until second grade. I sent her to public school because at this time that is what she really wanted. Now were back at it she is in fifth grade.


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