Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daily Report: Not Much Really Going On

Just as I anticipated things in the homeschooling front are slowing down, while excitement for the day of Christmas is growing stronger. Today was another half day, which is working out! We were able to go shopping for some new pajamas today. They weren't too thrilled with what was avaliable, looks like we went too late to find some Christmassy ones.

Let me see what did they do today?

They created 3D Christmas trees and wrote three words to describe what Christmas means to them.

Read  chapter 13 THE LION,THE WITCH,AND THE WARDROBE  where Peter had his first battle. They worked on possessive nouns.

This is what was captured on camera during their independent work period.

              Fraction Metal Insets
 Tracing Metal Insets with chalk

                Vertebrate Quiz cards
                  Completed the other side of the Human Body puzzle
  Their highlight today was pajama shopping.                                                                    

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  1. Wow, I thought that was quite a bit of work..but that's just comparing it to the lazy me :)

    Merry Christmas


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