Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily Report:12-9-2011

Yesterday was a fun school day! We finished up our first chapter on Spanish explorers. We did more Aztec Math, and made some Aztec Hot Chocolate.

                                                                           In THE LION,THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE we finished chapter six and it is getting good!! We reviewed the rules for plurals, and made snowflakes with borax because in Narnia right now as far as we know "It is always winter, never Christmas".

In Life Of Fred Ken completed chapter 5 in Goldfish, it just was a review of Chapter 4. DJ did chapter 6 in Farming ,reviewing the concept of telling time.

The rest of their work was preparing for their Tae Kwon Do belt test in the evening. They practiced their forms and terminology, they were too excited to do anything else. Their highlight of the day was performing their belt test that they passed!! No pictures, because they clearly let me know that cameras during testing is distracting.


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