Monday, December 12, 2011

Daily Report:12-12-2011

Today we learned a little about Ferdinard Magellan who was the explorer who discovered the Phillipine Islands. Ken and DJ attempted to complete the balloon project which they were to use to make a globe, but the balloons kept popping (sigh) DJ got upset with this because he was actually putting the finishing touches on one, and then POP!
The book that we chose to read to learn more about Hannukah was One Candle by Eve Bunting what a beautiful story, the pictures are incredible! It is a story that is told by a little girl who is so excited about Hanukkah and shares the details about the one story her Grandmother retells at her time at the camp. My children are teaching me that you are never too old for picture books. They also learned about the history of Hanukkah and colored a mini poster.
 During Independent Work Time DJ got busy with the types of polygons work, and did an extension that I was proud that he created on his own.
  He numbered the shape by how many sides. DJ said this will help him to remember the name.
 Ken enjoyed doing begining square root work by using our bead bars for chains and going for the work that I showed her. I found this work idea under the Learn How To section found at Montessori Print Shop.

 DJ also worked with the Decanomial Square.
 During break time, Ken did some Fabric Art.

While working in the book Farming chapter 8 in the Life Of Fred, DJ and I found out he didn't know what the word numeral was. When he asked for my help I was somewhat confused. Here is a child who can read on a fifth grade level and can multiply. This just goes to show you that going from concrete to abstract is a very important concept.          

I don't know what their highlight was but I know my highlight of the day was seeing Ken constantly smiling while working with the bead bars, and DJ creating his own extension.

Note To Self: When they stop doing a work it dosen't always mean they are not interested in it anymore, maybe the supplies need to be replaced. During break time DJ shared with me that he wished he could use the microscope. I said why can't you, his response the batteries ran out and there aren't any more slides avaliable to make new ones.                                              


  1. I didn[t know you have 2 blogs!!! OMG!! I love this one!!! so many ideas, so much Homemade Montessori!! I love it!!! I just sitting here try to read and see all your posts!!!lol Amazing!! I loved this job!!! Thanks for share it!!

    Big Hugs,

  2. Hi, I just came across your blog and love all of your ideas. I have yet to introduce the concept of squared numbers to my son, but will definitely use your idea in the post below. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait til I have a bit more time to browse through your blog. ~Liesl

  3. Everytime I click on your blog and see your kids' beautiful smiles, it just makes me so happy! With the fun things going on with your homeschool, they must be smiling all the time.

  4. Thank You Ladies!! I read all of your blogs as well, so it really makes my day when I hear so many nice things from you guys.
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