Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daily Report: For The Love Of Books!!

Learning about Magellan is interesting to the kids and I. Today we had a great discussion about speaking up for what we believe in. This was sparked by our reading when it told about Magellan sharing his opinion that he thought the Phillipines Islands were so far around to the east of the globe that they probably came within the Spanish half to King Manuel who did not what to hear this. The King had to abide to the Treaty of Tordesillas, Spain was the arch rival. Magellan was punished by the King being called a traitor, and was stripped of his command. Another fun thing we did was play the Journey Around The World game, and it is fair to say that Christopher Columbus is neither one of their favorite explorers, because they quickly responded that they didn't want the Columbus player piece. They also learned that a trip around the world is not easy, no one made it around the world during our playing time.

We read The Story of Passover by Bobbi Katz to get a better understanding about Jewish holidays and to understand the religion better. Again another great picture book!! They also did the 3D Gel Cling craft today and that even brought on a great discussion about what the symbols meant. They hopped on the computer to find the answers. The clings are still drying I'll post a picture when they are finished.

During Independent Work Time they both worked on finding the squares roots using the squares, and made their own Decanomial square by coloring, cutting, and gluing.

 They also did some research work.
 In THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE laughter was interrupting our reading as we read Chapter 7 when they were reading how the Beaver was drinking beer and smoking a pipe. Another struggle of Good vs Evil was happening with Edmund as he started to remember about theTurkish Delight.  

In Life of Fred there wasn't much talking about Math. They were talking more about Freds' nemesis Coalback.
Here is a picture of the five year old Fred who teaches math at a university, he is dressed up as a cowboy.
  Their highlight today was being promoted to the Green Belt at TaeKwonDo tonight.


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