Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Report: A Gingerbread Hunt

Today was day one of our Christmas celebrations during "school". It was so much fun! They helped make a Gingerbread Man today. DJ and Ken was mystified to discover that when it was time to take him out the oven he wasn't there.                                                                        

This was truly a activity that was for all ages, they were eager beavers to make signs in hopes of finding the Gingerbread Man with the preschoolers.
 Michelle understood that I was the one that took him out of the oven, but was still intrigued about exactly where I hid him at. I thought it was age appropiate for her to write the letter to the children from the Gingerbread Man, she did a excellent job. Michelle was also on the search to find where the Gingerbread Man was.
 They went around the neighborhood to hunt the Gingerbread Man down.
They were really bummed out when they came back without the Gingerbread Man, until they realized that he was always so close. Ken did the honors of reading the letter the Gingerbread Man wrote.

 If you like to see what books Ken and DJ read to the preschoolers that inspired this activity pop over to my other blog The Work Plan and check it out.

They also had fun stuffing their homemade pinatas with candy and finalizing their decorations for our school Christmas party tomorrow.



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