Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily Report: 12-6-2011

Today we began the school day discussing and tracing the different routes of some of the explorers we will be studying on maps.

Our theme hot topic this month is December Celebrations where the bulk of our resources will come from Evan Moor December Celebrations Pocket book. Today we discussed how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico and we read the book below. It was a good book to understand and read. The book invites the reader to understand the religion of Christianity in Mexico by following the life of a grandmother who has 48 grandchildren.
 They also learned about Los Posados and how the tradition is celebrated.
 They enjoyed making Luminaras which was a craft that goes along with celebrating Los Posados. They used the pin puncher and cookie cutters to punch holes to make designs in the bag to duplicate a latern. No pictures of the finished result, I guess my assistant photographers were too busy to do this.

During Montessori Work Period I caught DJ on camera doing the Bubble Magic work and some human body investigations, and Ken also worked on terminolgy of the organs. Goldfinger right? Since I said we were moving away from studying the Human Body for now.

 Ken completed chapter 2 in The Life of Fred, her tickled moment was when she did "Your Turn To Play" and Fred asked what is the largest 5 digit number, it stumped her! She laughed right out of her chair when she figured out it was 99999. DJ  took Life of Fred a little bit more seriously today, he started chapter 1 in the Farming book and enjoyed doing this problem x plus 6=14. He loved doing this so much that he made up his own series of equations following this formula.

Together we read chapters 3 and 4 in the book THE LION,THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. They agreed that the struggle between good and evil in chapter 3 was when Edmund opened the Wardrobe door to Narnia to see if Lucy was telling the truth. We really enjoyed reading about all the Turkish Delight Edmund ate, and Ken said the Queen(witch) could trick her with a Rolo McFlurry because she can't get enough of it. Looks like we are reading a book everyone is enjoying.

I think their highlight of the day was making Gingerbread Houses.


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