Sunday, December 4, 2011

Daily Report 12-2-2011

I realize I am not posting this on the actual day that we did the work, but these postings help me out tremendously. I don't even like to post anything new until I have accomplished the reports. On Friday the kids had a nice steady rhythym. We finished our Native American Short Stories unit up by reading some legends from China, they were creation stories and I didn't take any pictures of the printable activities that they did. They learned a lot from this study and Ken discovered how much she enjoys stories with lessons and theories.

Here are some photos of them working during their work period.

                                    Masculine/Feminine Noun Sort

   Working on  creative writing

 DJ working on the Division Bead Board.
 When I came back into the room I found him doing the Long Division Boards work correctly!! I never showed him how to do this, I am really impressed with his observational skills, and his time he has spent with the division bead  board to pull this off.
  DJ also worked with the Oceans Puzzle Map.
We finished reading the chapter on Christopher Columbus, next we will make the three ships and move on to another explorer. We totally decided to dump our Human Body unit for another time. We weren't feeling it!! I think it is because it was the first lesson we would push to the side, and now it feels like we have been working on it forever. I did however try to get them to find their pulse so they could compare their heartbeat rates during exercise and rest.

DJ was able to find his pulse on his neck and was game to go outside and exercise.

  So Friday was a great day and the kids stayed busy. Our weekend was even better we finally made it to the movies on Saturday and saw the Muppets. I give this movie 5 STARS, I heart Miss Piggy. Afterwords we went out to dinner something we haven't done in a long time.  Now it is Sunday back to the basics!!

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