Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Report: Last Day Of November 2011

 Today was a snow day for the elementary crowd which means there was a different rhythm to our day. Some learning was able to still get done. I am always happy to work with the children who were former preschoolers of mine and see how much they have grown since September. We read a legend from Central Africa called "The Rabbit Steals The Elephant's Dinner". Then they did a wrtiting and drawing activity that they choose three animals from different myths we have been reading and then wrote a lesson that human beings can learn from these animals.

We incorporated Math and Spelling into one lesson by using the printable created by the author of the blog Walking By The Way. They used the printable to find out how much money each word was worth, and they were to find out which word cost the most.

                                                           The printable
By the time they finished this it was time for them to go shovel the snow. They didn't mind doing this at all, especially since Michelle was here to help. Their point of interest in getting the sidewalks, and the driveway shoveled was to be able to go to swimming class. They really look forward to this activity on Wednesdays.

Besides for swimming class being a joy, I think their highlight was doing our count down to Christmas activitities together.
                 Putting number stickers on the envelopes.
                                                  Spraying snow on the wreath.
                                               Decorating the wreath.
                                     Adding "snow" to our Christmas tree.

                                       Our Count Down to Christmas Chain.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! we are doing a countdown as well, and celebrating by doing crafts every Friday!


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