Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Unit Study Put Together By Ken

I am so proud of Ken and how she is developing her research skills. She has been requesting to go to the library a lot lately and enjoying reading for pleasure. At our library visit on Saturday she picked up an American Girl series and a book about the Jewish culture.

 Rebeca is a Jewish girl whose family moves from Russia to New York. The books in this series covers American history from 1914-1934. While we were at the library I had no idea that Ken was in her first phase of creating a history unit based on her interest. I was impressed when we started reading Meet Rebecca and I was able to make a connection to why she picked out the book to learn about the Jewish culture.

We don't read every book they read together but this one Ken wanted to read during our individual reading time in the morning. As our week as progressed Ken has been reading the book on Jewish culture frequently and using the computer to assist in finding more information. She has also been using the computer to find activities and books to learn about New York, Russia, and Jewish holidays and recipes. Ken likes to hold books in her hand and she definitely knows the cost of printer ink so she needed something that she could flip through and hold. This morning she asked to go to the library again. We went and I decided to just sit down and let her go ahead with her search for books on her own.
 I think she did a wonderful job and I am happy that she picked out the books because I know they will be used. I must add that I am pretty pleased with myself for staying put and following her lead.

This afternoon Ken worked on making a timeline using her American Girl stickers that she had for ages. She plans to add to this timeline as she reads about each American Girl.

When she showed me the timeline she asked me how did I like it? My heart is smiling!! At age 11 she has put together a unit study in less than a week that meets state standards:) I think it is best that I stay put more often.    

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  1. I must add that I am pretty pleased with myself for staying put and following her lead.

  2. She is such a fine example of a Interest-led learner. I think every parent would want to see this. It is so wonderful that you share it with us. Thanks for linking up.

  3. I still remember the first time my son did his own project without much assistance from me (only when he asked). It was so heart-rending in a wonderful way ;)

    Most recently, he took a topic he had to learn (requirement by me) and turned it into a project of his own choosing, that went way beyond what I would have required if he hadn't taken initiative.

    So the hard work of staying in the background DOES pay off ;)

  4. My oldest are 10 and they are just starting to ask to do their own research on the computer. They don't really do much with what they find, but it's a start right? Well done Ken!!


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