Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Janessa is the first child that I have ever had the privilege to do the 45 Layout with the Golden Bead Material. Just realized that we don't have enough Thousands/Hundreds Cubes to complete the layout!! Any suggestions?  This presentation was scheduled for this week, however I could add more extensions with shuffling the cards( she loves this). I AM BEGGING!!


  1. People often make them out of paper.

    Here is a link to an inexpensive ($1.35) download for templates for ALL of the bead cubes including the 1000 cube.

    Here is a free template for just the dotted sides: http://www.montessorimom.com/golden-bead-material-base-ten-decimal-system/

  2. Oh, and if you really want to get serious, here is a link to "Walk beside Me"'s 100 squares and 1000 cube instructions:


  3. Thank you very much! Off to printing I go. Walk Beside Me squares look great! I am just not crafty enough:) Thanks again!!

  4. I was going to suggest having the older kids help you make some cubes with paperboard - love that there's a template to make that easy :)

    I am so looking forward to pictures if you get to snap some. I LOVE the 45 layout. In my training, we call it "Bird's Eye View" :)

  5. OOh that sounds great! I am going to try this too. I will definitely snap some pictures:) Thank you so much for sharing this idea with me, I sure do appreciate it!!

  6. You've got all the advice I was going to give ;) A link to the templates and the suggestion to have the older children help make them for their "art" and "geometry".

    It would be a good idea to have 45 each of the units, tens and hundreds as a general rule; the cubes, though, 9 is usually enough, unless you are really wanting to do this 45-layout - which is neat, but not in my albums - so when I discovered it later, I invited my son to make all the cubes from cardstock, so I could present it to HIM (he was 6 at the time - but it was so neat, I had to do it!) ;)


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