Friday, November 30, 2012

Kindergarten Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 12

Math is becoming one of her strong interest now. She has shown mastery in preliminary activities that come before the Golden Bead Materials. Janessa is skip counting all on her own by twos and tens it is so cute.

Here is her own creation of the memory game. She absolutely loves using the Sandpaper Numbers to go around collecting objects to match the number. It is amazing to see how many miniature objects that live in our classroom. The objects she used for the number 5 came from our Living/Non Living sorting tray.

 This week Janessa has worked with the Polygon drawer of the Geometric Cabinet. Before she has only worked with it sensorialy, now we are doing three period lessons naming the shapes. Janessa became very fond of the decagon.

To reinforce color words we have been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
 Janessa used the cards pictured above to retell the story to the preschoolers. This work became very contagious and everyone of us has fallen in love with the book Brown Bear. All the Brown Bear work came from Shuna P's  shop at Teachers Pay Teachers.                                                                            
                                                             Making sentences.                                                                              
 I have tried to get Janessa excited about our Speech time, but she refuses and it is not helping when it comes to verbalizing phonetic sounds. Whenever I turn on the music to begin our Speechercise she becomes agitated. She is very much aware that her words are sometimes not clear to others. It is trickiling over to her reading and I have even tried to do this with her away from other children. Any suggestions are welcomed! 

Janessa was successful at blending words in groups of families, she enjoyed making her at family book.
Using the Moveable Alphabet to spell objects has been both of ours saving grace in the language department. This is her most favorite work, and she does it well.        
We also finished reading Dinosaurs Before Dark. This was Janessa's first chapter book read aloud and she really enjoyed it. I can clearly see that her comprehension of story elements have improved, and look at that handwriting it is just awesome. We did the Write to Read together, I sounded out the word and she wrote the sounds. 

This week also marks the end of our Fall semester. Next week I will be presenting the Golden Bead 45 Layout, at and an family reading work,  a map unit and more art work requested by Janessa.



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