Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It Is True What She Said.....

I was doggone tired this morning!! We planned to have school today before beginning Thanksgiving break tomorrow. Last night before shutting the school area down for the day I prepared the lessons so that I would be ready, leaving me no excuses to why school couldn't carry on. When I woke up I felt that devil on my shoulder saying " Go on sleep! They won't care!".  I told that devil that he was a liar and I rose out the bed ready to rock n' roll. Still I wasn't physically or mentally there.

Dr. Marie Montessori talked extensively about the " Prepared Environment". The first book that I read by Dr. Montessori was The Montessori Method it spoke to me. I was drawn to the "the prepared environment" way before I even saw how beautiful the materials are that live in it. The Prepared Environment is the child's first teacher, it is set up so that a child can be independent and thrive. This prepared environment enables a child to seek for knowledge it brings them great satisfaction and allows them to become focused and concentrated on their work.

When I finally walked down the steps and entered our school area I was strangely motivated. All of the tiredness I felt seemed to slowly disappear as I turned each light on one by one. By the time I unlocked the door for the arrival of the preschoolers I was smiling like it was my birthday.

I just sat in  my red observation chair and I was tickled at what I was seeing. Take a look!!

 Janessa reading and coloring. It is such a blessing to see her color.

        DJ helping Mumble with research about animals in South America.

                          Maddux figuring out the difference between zero and the letter o.

  My eyes were treated to looking at emerging and developing handwriting. Maddux loves to follow Janessa around so he can do work just like her.

 After I witnessed this I just turned to the right and I see the oldest of them all helping her cousin with a math worksheet that she brought from school.                                                                  
   " Look  at my work" Ken says and I snap a picture and she carries off to continue.

Extension work that has been on the shelves for days was worked with;

I only got out my seat today to take pictures. The children had plenty of fun working without any interruptions. They served their own meals and prepared their own snacks and even read to one another. 

It looks like I have a lot to add on to my long list of what I am thankful for!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! May your day be filled with laughter and lots of scribbles:)




  1. Love it! Do you run a in home preschool? This is an idea I have been entertaining for a couple of years.

  2. Yes, the preschool is in my home. You can check out more of what we do at www.theworkplan.blogspot.com. It is so much fun and I have been doing it for ten years, just perfect for us.

  3. Sometimes all it takes is that first step...and you're away!! Usually it's the days I drag my feet but do it anyway that are the biggest blessings! Well done you!


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