Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thrifting and Plans for the Week

We have been very laid back and enjoying every bit of it. This year we started a new tradition and headed to the movies to see Rise of the Guardians in 3D after Thanksgiving dinner. A wonderful story involving Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. I was pleased that this movie stayed kid friendly all the way through. Now I believe in Jack Frost:)!! You gotta go see this movie, I guarantee you the whole family will love it.

On Wednesday we went thrifting. All of the kids are into it just as much as me now.

DJ scored this playhouse for two bucks. It has kept him busy!! Instead of coloring it he has been painting it.

We all promoted Ken to an intermediate level thrifter. Ken found a brand new Easy Bake Oven for $4.04 with 10% off. You can't beat that with a broom stick:)      

   She has been baking  and decorating away.

 While she was baking she was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and happened upon this never to be used decorating set from last year. Her cake decorating skills have improved greatly in the past days.

Michelle got a hand full of books and has been reading away. Ten books for $3.00 yeah I call that thrifting. I found a couple of cool things myself, I'll share later when I take some pics.

No real Black Friday deals to share. I am a layaway kinda gal, and none of the items in layaway were on sale.  However, I decided to pick up our layaway on Saturday at Toys R US and everything was 10% off so I saved $60.00 in the end by shopping early and picking up the layaway on the right Saturday. The kind people at Toy R US made my day!!  

We are fired up about our geography unit Christmas Around The World. The kids picked it since it was their turn, since I picked us learning about the Elections. I found a great resource I can't remember where off hand, but you know this week I 'll be sharing more.  More math presentations with the Long Bead Frame and the chains for DJ. Ken will be presented with the final presentation of Rainbow Factoring and Divisibility with the golden beads. We'll finish up our Latin unit naming people, and complete our final art project learning about Picasso. Their language presentations consist of sentence analysis adding on the adverbial part. The language lessons are becoming more fun with every new presentation. Michelle will have a new schedule on Tuesday when she starts the Academy so we have to be flexible in planning.

I am praying this season that my kids stay as grateful as they are right now and continue to seek out the true meaning of Christmas. I always feel like I give them a mix message about Christmas, especially when they hand me over a long list. Every year they do this and right when I am about to yell at tell them that there is no way that I will buy everything on the list they interject by saying "Just kidding".

How was your holiday weekend? Do you shop on Black Friday? Or are you a Layaway type of gal?


  1. Great thrift store finds! My littlest one wants the Easy Bake Deluxe this year. Wish I could find it for $4.04! Not gonna get that lucky, though.

  2. We probably buy 80% of our school stuff from charity shops (that's what we call them over in England) Our whole family goes each week and we buy all sorts of bargains and pop them into storage until the time comes in our school when they would be useful. It allows me to offer more learning experiences than we would otherwise be able to afford.


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