Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evolution, Prehistoric Fossils and Mammal Skulls

I have been really busy behind the scenes with everyday life, like preparing for winter, house cleaning, and organizing. This has really caused me to slow down a bit in preparing new works for the kids. I had planned to do The Second Great Lesson: The Coming of Humans this week, but I am not prepared to do it. I have this thing that in order to present it, I have to have it memorized which I can't memorize for the life of me. Maybe, I just have way too many other things I am thinking about like the holidays, and just life in general. Another thing is I haven't prepared the materials, or even ordered the materials that I would like them to have. I am not ordering the Montessori traditional time line, but one that is just what I know my kids would really enjoy. You know I'll share about it as soon as I get there. In the meantime while I have been trying to get my brain wrapped around this beautiful story of the coming of humans my kids have been missing out on other lessons that they are so ready for. So I think it is best for us to wait until after Thanksgiving to do the second great lesson. I think I have always looked at them in the context to how Deb from Living Montessori Now put it in this post as incorporating the Great Lessons in a home setting as unit. That is just it, my kids will be sparked with interest and will make it a unit and I like our studies to flow without interruptions. In the next few weeks we probably will make more trips to the grocery store during "school" time, and at the same time I know they need other lessons so that is where I am as far as any new Great Lessons being presented.

In the meantime since I wouldn't want to leave them hanging I have conspicuously left these materials in the classroom.
 Because if I hear the word Hominid one more time I will scream:)  And if DJ asked me how do we know  if an animal is a mammal or a reptile by looking at fossils I will just have to just tell him school is over to next year, because I AM NOT PREPARED TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!!              
 This book has pictures that just pop out at you. They have devoured this book since it has been on the shelves. I would have loved to have told the Great Lesson first and then put this out there for research, but it didn't happen that way and I don't think anything will be taken away from the Great Lesson because of sharing this book.
 In the basket is Toobs of prehistoric fossils and mammal skulls, they all have been using them for matching to pictures in the book, in the other research books, and on the Internet.

Adding these materials has helped be to able to buy some more time, but I have better get busy before someone ask me What did the first person write with? Or where was the first bank built, which by the way Ken started to ask me and I interrupted her and asked her to do something for me:) Good thing they are still working with the Time Line of Life and becoming good researchers while waiting on this momma to get it together.

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  1. Thanks for linking up. You have a lot of pre-historic resources.


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