Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday Movie Night With The Division Charts

Last night during our Friday night movie session DJ decides he is ready for me to show him how the Division Chart is really suppose to be done. For a long time he has been working with it to check his understanding of multiplication, without equations and he was almost successful at completing the chart.

 I  was talking to Ken about finding out what numbers are divisible by what and I used the chart to show her how you can easily find the answers. I really what her to discover the rules on her own.
Any how, DJ is always listening to what I am doing with everybody! Sometimes he gets stuff from me working with his older sisters(preschoolers too) and this is just another example of how having older siblings in the home the youngest ends up learning concepts quicker than usual.
 DJ was so happy to check his work using the other chart and finding out that he was doing it correctly. He continued to work on the chart while we watched movies in the dark. It is official he is hooked on the division charts!!


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