Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art Project: Pablo Picasso

Yesterday the kids finished up their study of Pablo Picasso they learned a lot about abstract art, still life and the many shades of Picasso's life (I did too:)

One of the projects was to focus on how Picasso developed Cubism in his work. They used many colors to make the drawing vibrant.

Ken especially enjoyed learning about Picasso, she loves the guitar!! It surprised her how often Picasso used  musical instruments as a focus in his art work.

  They used the drawing of the guitar in the photo above to make their own Picasso style Masterpiece.

 They folded the drawing and the white piece of construction paper so that they only used the right side of the paper which helped them to remember that they were only to use their right brain for this activity, which meant talking wasn't allowed:) They drew what was in the drawing one square at a time.
 Their excitement unfolded one square at a time too. Oh! They loved the result!!
    Color staining using chalk pastels proved to be a fun medium.


   They really felt like they were Master Artist when they were finished . Job Well Done !!                                                                                                                                                  


  1. I love Picasso and am really looking forward to studying him with my guys. You all did a fabulous job!


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