Friday, November 16, 2012

Elementary Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 11

We had lots of fun schooling this week. No reminders to clean up their work area! Lots of  creativity was displayed in their work. Our new math presentation schedule has proven to be a winner and has allowed for other presentations in all areas to be planned as well which has allowed them even more time of uninterrupted work to keep their juices flowing. The only lesson was missed this week was our Geometry lesson due to an appointment to finalize Michelle's admission to an dual enrollment academy that looks promising for what their high school years may look like, then again all of my children are so different so I really won't know until that time comes. I am playing around with collages this week for the very first time, so please do tell me if you like it:)

In Math this week DJ worked with the short chains making plane figures and counting the chains. He loved his first official intro to the Large Bead frame and laughed with Life of Fred completing two chapters in "Goldfish".                                                                

 Ken was presented to squares the Montessori way this week and had a blast, she especially liked the language that was taught. She also did Rainbow factoring which is not pictured, and she also enjoyed two chapters of Life of Fred in the "Honey" book.                                                                                    

They really like the completing sentence analysis work and finding the indirect object, direct object, subject, and predicate. In Latin they learned to say and spell family members names and had fun making the finger puppets. In AAS they learned the rules to spelling with 'tion" and received some new spelling words.                                                              

 In Chemistry they learned what a balloon can tell us about atoms. We did the lab that had them smelling different extracts through the balloon. They also learned how to write a number that contains 27 zeros(octillion) because that is how many atoms that make up a pencil dash that they measured.                                                             
 Pablo Picasso is the Artist that we are studying. They really enjoyed looking at his paintings and doing a composition in his style.
 Ken had fun sewing a dress for her doll, beginning project work on setting up a school for them. Also she begin her own independent unit study put together all by herself learning about Rebecca an American Girl who is Jewish and lives in New York.                                                                                  

  DJ began writing a script for his animal television show. Checked out some animal related books from the library. He also did some research on Geckos.

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  1. Yes, I like the collages very much. Everything looks like so much fun! I am especially impressed by how much your students like to do things like make an script for a television show. Quite impressive.

  2. Yay for not having to be reminded to clean up work spaces! My kids need to learn that lesson! Looks like a fabulous week as usual.

  3. Making squares with the bead material is so awesome. I have only seen a child get there once, and I had to work really hard to hold back my excitement :) Love seeing the work your children are doing!


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