Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Ballot

We got to sleep in today. No work today for me!! The kids were excited to go to the Polls today and see how everything looks, and is operated. We had some friendly officials at our site and they got to ask a couple of questions. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I only waited maybe two minutes in line.
 It was funny how often they were asked if there school was closed today. Ken and DJ giggled back Yes and then Michelle just replied after they were asked the third time that they were homeschoolers. Then everyone understood why they were asking so many questions about what was going on:)  The kids were shocked to see how big a ballot really is.

I almost got kicked out!! Shame on me for taking a picture in the polls. A blogger  mother has to do what she's got to do right?                                                                        


  1. You are such a rebel! ;) That picture is great - I'm glad they didn't make you erase it!

  2. I really wanted to take pictures of my kids, but I was a good girl today! Luckily the ladies signing people in gave each one a sticker, so I took pictures of those!

  3. It's hilarious that you dared to take a picture!

  4. Honestly, I couldn't resist it after I saw my camera in my purse when they asked me for my ID:) Next election I'll just take my ID with me and leave my purse at home.

    See what I am willing to do for this blog:) and a memory because who knows what a ballot will look like when DJ is old enough to vote.


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