Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Day

The kids were really fired up to work on their projects this morning.

DJ worked on making a background for his new television series about animals.
He is satisfied with the backdrop, now he is working on writing a script.

Ken is creating a scene for her YouTube Channel about dolls. She will be making activities and doll clothing that will inspire girls who love dolls.

                    Ken's first video will be about her dolls at school.
                                   Inspired by the American Girl Doll School book and kit.
              I love the doll size materials:) Ken still has some work to do setting up her classroom.                                                            
 Michelle has totally ditched her NaNoWriMo novel she says it too much pressure and now she has writers' block. She has moved on to sketching a futuristic bodysuit.
 Sometime this week we will go to Jo Ann's Fabric to pick out the material so she can start sewing:)

It is funny how picking up two trifold boards can inspire so much work.

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