Friday, November 9, 2012

Elementary Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 10

Another school week passed us by a little quicker than usual. We had Tuesday off and had a blast eating Pizza and watching the election updates. Really they enjoyed every bit of it, especially since they got to stay up later. A lot of work was repeated this work which I always encourage. Still our days always look different and it really keeps our school days exciting . Not as many pictures as normal, but they still did a week jam packed with learning.

 This week DJ focused a lot of his attention to learning his division facts

Other works not pictured

  • Roman Numerals tens, hundreds, and thousands
  • Geometric Sticks with command cards
  • Dynamic subtraction with the Stamp Game

 Ken was all about working with the Multiplication Checkerboard as usual.

Other work not pictured

  • Decimal Board reading numbers, matching to fractions
  • Divisibility Rules 
  • Geometric Sticks with command cards                            

 We received a lovely postcard from Baan Dek Montessori as part of a Postcard Exchange. DJ and Ken were happy to write and send one back to them.

  • They both also worked with Reading Analysis Work with the Montessori Materials
  • Began writing plays/commercials for their Write Shop Writing Project 
  • Completed their All About Spelling lessons 

                                                Cultural Activities

 They are still working with the Time Line of Life materials daily.

 Ken and DJ enjoyed going to the polls with me and got a lot of stickers from the workers. They have been loving passing the stickers out to people who voted. It is there way of making a survey of how many people they know that voted. Also they did an after the Election Day activity mapping out President Obama's states and Romney states. They definitely understand how the Electoral College works after watching the Election Results come in all night on Tuesday. The printable is from The Teacher's Cauldron.

   We wrapped up our Piet Mondrian Artist study.

  • DJ has been enjoying using the research books
  • Ken has been learning more about Native Americans and different tribes for her Writing Project
  • DJ has been doing dinosaur related activities 
They both learned about the Parts of an Atom and are in the process of making booklets.

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  1. Another busy week! I love how you involved your children with the voting process and the excitement of the election coverage. I'm looking forward to maybe seeing those atom booklets - sounds very cool!

  2. What a wonderful week...I would love to be one of your students.

  3. Great work week! Love all the Piet Mondrian projects!

  4. Those are some great activities!

  5. Wow!!! Love your week!! Love all the activities!!! Specially the math ones!!!

  6. Great week! Where did you get the Division Chart?

  7. I got the charts from Kid Advance it is well worth the money.

  8. We've been looking into some more hands on maths and this looks great! Thanks for the ideas.


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