Friday, November 2, 2012

Elementary Wrap-Up: Fall Week 9

This week  went by real fast. We had three days of school this week due to enjoying Halloween and the day after effects. One of the things I love about home school is that when it makes sense for the family taking a day off can just happen. If holiday season wasn't upon we would of took a week off after completing week 6. This schedule will take place starting in January. This schedule works really well for us, it prevents burn out and we are able to carry on year round. Last July was a hard one to complete school while planning for a new one. So I guess we are mostly year round homeschoolers, because this year we will probably take July off.

For math DJ did some review of Roman Numerals. He wrote out the Arabic Numbers 11 and 12. Made a Roman Numeral clock to add to his journal.
He also has been doing a lot of multiplication work, mostly doing work that he created himself.

Ken learned about the Kevin Scale which reinforced what an absolute value is.                                                                          
She practiced reading decimal numbers to the thousands and matched fractions to the correct decimals.
Ken really enjoyed working with the Geometric Stick Command Cards.   
In Latin they learned the names of family members they really enjoyed the song.

Thanks to Classroom Freebies Too I was able to fun a variety of Halloween related works that the kids enjoy doing on a whim. Classroom Freebies is a collaboration of teacher bloggers that offer some of their products for FREE., this was my Favorite Resource. Classroom Freebies offers printables for all grades and lots of fun seasonal works.
DJ used a fill in the blank to write a story about a spooky night, you can find the printable at Classroom Freebies Too.
Ken and DJ both did a Fold'n'Go  Grammar file that they will use for their reference. Right now they are writing Adventure stories. As usual they had spelling lessons, and tons of hands on grammar fun.                                                                      
Since we were only having three days of school I didn't schedule in any lessons from of Real Odyssey Chemistry unit. Instead they did an activity to familiarize themselves with the Periodic Table, using a book from one of the science kits.

I noticed not much work with the Clock of Eras. They did this activity together and really enjoyed comparing how long each Era lasted. Next week if everything goes as plan we will be doing the Second Great Lesson: Coming of Humans. I am so excited!! And I think they will be too.

   This work came from Montessori For Everyone.
 Another freebie from Classroom Freebies Too. Elect your favorite book.
   I think they totally understand lines and balances. Next week they will wrap up the unit with an Art project.                                                                        

On Wednesday the kids enjoyed a day at the Pumpkin Patch. They enjoyed every bit of it, Ken especially liked making necklaces and DJ found the " best pumpkin the world".

Halloween 2012 Jason the Red Power Ranger and Alice.

DJ's big plan for his pumpkin was to create a pumpkin patch in the backyard.
  He has had a lot of fun observing the squirrels he is taking care of.

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    1. It was a strange busy:) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Awesome work as usual. Have you checked out this- I saved this for later for my kids, thought this might be useful to you as your kids worked on the periodic table, great way to tie in the cosmic lessons with chemistry! I learnt so much reading this!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving this information! I am definitely going to check this out. Thank you for sharing.

  3. So much variety! How cool! I am thinking about getting the magnetic tiles from AAS for the next book instead of using the movable alphabet, I'm wondering if it would be less cumbersome.

  4. The Roman Numeral activities look great! Is it okay if I Pin those??

    Love, love the Alice costume!!

  5. Wow, very busy week! So much going on at your house!
    Thanks for sharing at Favorite Resources :)


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