Friday, November 2, 2012

The Kindergarten Corner: Full Of Fun

What a blessing to be able to do Kindergarten activities!! We had loads of fun this week. Playful learning, the kind that fills the soul and laughter is the only sound. I can't keep up with Janessa, she has so many wonderful ideas that I want to help her see come to life. Janessa is so eager to learn! I hope this love for learning stays with her forever.

Janessa illustrated her mastery of color words. This printable can be found at Classroom Freebies Too
 She also learned quite a bit of new sounds. Lots of phonograms, and lots of reading happened. Next week she will start some formal spelling lessons.

 Janessa is planning an Around the World  Tea Party so I was able to incorporate some Copy Work for her so she could complete her invitations. Her handwriting is coming along too.                                              
                                                      Culture Work
Queen of the Nile locating the continent of Africa on the world map.

                                                        Exploring Snap Circuits.

For math Janessa was all over the place. She enjoyed skip counting songs, labeling the decimal tray, an introduction to zero and her favorite work the Teen Boards in which she discovered the Tens Boards.
I think one of her favorite things was making this number story with her first story problem, she rocked it!!
                                                    Practical Life          
While planning her project Janessa shared that she would like a doll for each continent. 
 Janessa did the first step by brushing up on her ironing skills, and added a face to what will be her doll from North America.                                    

Janessa has also been revisiting old works polishing her pouring skills that she will need for her Tea Party.
I bet the highlight of her school this week was a visit to the Pumpkin Patch.

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  1. I am curious about the picture of Janessa using the iron. I haven't tried this as a practical life activity, because I didn't have a child size iron. I am assuming that you gave her a demonstration and then let her try it. Did she have any problems at first? Are there certain things to watch out for when helping a child learn this? (Besides not getting burned!) . . . Way to go in teaching this sweet little girl! I love the picture with the Snap Circuits as well. They are a big hit at our house as well.: )

    1. Janessa has had many experiences with using the iron. I always repeat a demonstration with this work and I am always right there when they use it. She did have problems at first, and if I ever find a child size iron I will buy it right away. I have never let a child use the iron unless they followed my steps precisely with other objects that can hurt themselves,like using a knive to cut a cucumber. Pay attention to the water level if you are using steam.

  2. Was the word problem Janessa was doing from Schiller math? If not, I need the source ! :)

    1. The word problems are from the Mother Goose Curriculum I use with the preschoolers. I think this would be fun to make as a work with some cool clip art. Janessa really had fun with this. Fortunately I have more, but I think a Christmas theme would be really cool.


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