Thursday, November 8, 2012


My little guy requested homework! Where did this come from? Here he is after being homeschooled for one and half years asking for homework. When he was in public school he couldn't stand homework. Since all of our Montessori materials are in the basement, and he his in a limbo about his projects right now he stills wants something to do when we are chilling away from the school area.

I found this cute work at Teachers Pay Teachers from the Kelly Morgan Store.

Dinosaur Division is a cute little packet that DJ has been enjoying working with after our school hours in the basement have been accomplished. For $2.00 this is what he has for homework.

 A Dinosaur Division Book that helps him to remember the concept of division, it is interactive where he adds in some information.
 Some division story problems that he will happily glue into his beloved Math Journal.
 His favorite work from this packet so far is making his own division problems. The pictures are used for him to illustrate his work. He is very entertained with this and enjoys making more copies to keep the work exciting.
   Another story problem where he draws the information onto so he can make a poster.      

Very simple and fun, just how homework should be!! Another observation I made about DJ over the weekend when we were at Toys R US. I asked him to look around to see if there is anything he wanted to put on his Christmas list. He found one thing a race track, DJ rather go to the pet store and browse around then get any toys for Christmas.                                                          

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  1. Kal-El calls anything he has to write on a full-sized piece of paper "homework." Right now he giggles like crazy whenever it's time to write out the ten phrases from All About Spelling on a piece of paper. "Giggle, giggle. I have a LOT of homework for spelling don't I Mom? Giggle, giggle."


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