Friday, November 9, 2012

High School Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 10

Looks like I may have myself a hard worker!  Homeschool High School has proven to be more fun than I have expected it to be. This girl is a debater, be careful to start a discussion on feminism, evolution, and politics with this girl she just might cut you up and leave you for the wolves:) Just kidding, but really she is charged up when any of these issues are brought up. Here's how high school looked this week in our home.

                         Teaching Textbooks Algebra I

   Concepts that were presented             
  • Using brackets around parentheses when there is more than one set.
  • Getting X out of numerators in fractions
  • Combining X's


 In Latin she learned the Case of a noun, noun declension, and predicate nominative.

  • NaNoWriMo has all her attention her last word count was 1,203.

        Completed her Artist Project learning about Piet Mondrian      

Michelle learned about different types of microscopes, cell structures and sizes, osmosis, and sulfur/iron chemical reaction in her biology studies.


  • learned about the First and Second Boer Wars
  • learned about the KwaZulu Empire
  • learned about Cecil Rhodes who wanted to establish a British Empire in Africa that stretched from Cape Colony that stretched to Cairo, Egypt.

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  1. I was a good student, but I don't think I even gave a second thought to any of those issues in high school! It's so exciting to read about her adventures!

  2. I am really enjoying these high school posts!

  3. My girl did some NaNoWriMo last year. If your daughter really likes writing, this year we're doing "The One Year Adventure Novel" and *really* liking it. Google the name to find it. :)

  4. I agree, she looks like a hard worker!

  5. I missed the link up but I'll be ready for next time. What you guys using for Artist study?


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